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Monday, January 12, 2009


Here are some links that may be of interest (either for fun or more seriously): (Dig back to see what the Web looked like in "the old days" up to 13 years ago) (Mobile phone users banging into lamp posts!) (Article about multitasking and interruptions) (Washington Post article about mobile phones) (Explanation of the innovation hype cycle) (website genrator with Web 2.0 functionality) (serious social networking) (TV on your PC) (BBC on your PC) (Microblogging bought by Google) (Microblogging) (ruby on rails) (Google Android article) (Check out this one for dataportability across web 2.0 services!!),3800010403,39169917,00.htm (Data loss the death to mobile computing in the UK civil service?) (Good quick overview of the early history of computing) (Using a portable GPS for treasure hunts) (A funny article about this from The Register) (Mobile phones as radiation sensors - now that's convergence - only in America, eh? ;-) (funny video about Internet services at party - litle bit explicit so not for delicate minds, though) (BBC story on mobile phone networks in developing countries) (Driving in the future?) (Excellent site on convergence) (Unfortunately this will only be released March 2008, so too late for us :-( (Apple's designer Jonathan Ive gets inspiration for 60s German design) (Forget Big Brother or Little Sisters looking over you - stalk some celebrities and make money!),,2028752,00.html (The world is a poorer place with mobile phones),39024667,39161662,00.htm (What is Web 2.0?),39024667,39159174,00.htm (What is a mash-up?) (1000s of references on books and papers on mobile commerce) (Vodafone is keen for you all to upload your apps and to test others') (Excellent discussion group for the Mobile Society) (World's fastest mobile phone growth in India) (The Mobile Life project in Sweden) (The Mobile Life project in Sweden) (The Mobile Life project in Sweden) (Excellent 5 min video about the Web from Digital Ethnography at Kansas University) (BT has put a massive amount of stuff online in a museum) (Middle class feel squeezed) (Great service helping mobile phone users to deceive others) (Excellent download on how to be creative) (The Register fun with mobile working) (Special Issue on Mobility & Aesthetics) (Mobile payments) (Steve Mann) (Don Norman) (Norman Nielsen Group) (mobility of money as predictor for spread of epidemics) (The long tail of consulting) (A new way of publishing books: download or print-on-demand) (Mobile collaboration software) (The newest hype on WiFi sharing - Skype has invested in FON) (Aggregation of personal information Web 2.0 style - check yourself or me) (Mechanical Turk Project) (End of Year Show 2005) (Mobile Media Metadata project - Berkley/Yahoo! research partnership) (The company who's name I'd forgotten at the seminar) (talking badges at hospitals),1,1;linkingpublicationresults,1:112489,1 (New Mobility Journal) (Carsten on The Long View, BBC Radio 4) (Interesting design website) (Review of recommender systems) (RFID Virus) (ITU on Ubiquitous Computing) (Extreme Mobility)


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