Innovating Information Services

Monday, January 12, 2009

Additional Optional Readings


Week 1 Information Services Design
McKinsey Web 2.0 article
Lyytinen Et Al 2004 — Next wave of computing
Ackerman 2000: Social requirements and technological support
Karrberg & Liebenau 2006: Mobile services

Week 2 Social Technology
Sorensen (Forthcoming): Unpacking Ubiquity
Arnold 2003: Janus Face of Mobile Phone
Angell & Kietzmann 2006: RFID and the end of cash?
Sorensen & Gibson: Ubiquitous visions and opaque realities

Week 3 Mobilising Interaction
Sorensen et al 2008: Enterprise mobility paper synthesising results from 11 fieldstudies
Kakihara & Sorensen 2002: HICSS paper on mobile interaction
Pica & Kakihara 2003: The Duality of Mobility. ECIS 2003 paper
KakiharaSorensen2004: Modern professionals from INFO Journal

Week 4 Interaction Context
Ciborra 2006: The Mind or Heart

Week 5 Studying Interaction

Week 6 Organising Interdependencies
Sorensen & Al-Taitoon 2008: Organisational Usability paper
Knorr Cetina & Bruegger 2002: Global microstructures
Kakihara Sorensen & Wiberg 2004: Fluid working
Whittaker Et Al 1997: Characteristics of light interaction
Nardi Et Al 2000: The role of instant messaging at work
Wiberg & Whittaker 2005: Managing interruptions A long list of resources on interruptions (around 300 I would think, so don't read all of them ;-)
Robertson, Sorensen & Swan2001: Knowledge workers and ICT
Courpasson 2000: Soft bureaucracies
Wiredu & Sorensen 2006: Control in mobile work
Al-Taitoon & Sorensen, 2004: User-support for global mobile workforce
Nardi Et Al 2002: How networking also is working

Week 7 Convergence

All of Lawrence Lessig's books are now available under Creative Commons License at
Week 8 Design Challenges

Week 9 Global Infrastructure
Yoo, Lyytinen & Yang 2005: Mobile broadband services in South Korea
Tilson et al 2006: Wireless internet standards development

Week 10: Future Directions


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